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About Me

Hello Kings and Kweens,

Thanks for visiting my about me page, we're so EXCITED to have you! It's always nice to see the face behind the products. So a little about me- I'm from Somerville MA (home of the notorious gangster Whitey Bulger) but I grew in the beautiful Lakes Region of NH (in the middle of the woods). So I always say "I went from the HOOD to the WOOD" but that's my life one extreme to the next. Which is why my style varies from boho, to gangster, to HUGE nerd! I have recently been on a Spiritual journey that started heavily at the beginning of 2021, which is when I started studying the Tarot. I have always been interested in Spirituality but in 2021 I really decided to dive in. In May of 2021 I decided to leave a job that no longer served me without having anything lined up. It was a huge risk (GULP) that essentially lead me here. I've always wanted to open my own business but had a hard time deciding what my focus would be. Well I don't know about you but I'm OBSESSED with candles and I am constantly buying them. Most of them are pretty poor quality and don't last long. So I decided that it would be worth it to create my own collections of high quality candles with gorgeous aromatic scents and quality wicks made right here in the USA! I decided to put a FUN spin on them by making the names Unique and Salacious, cuz why not life is short let's have as much FUN as possible!!! So here we are on this crazy but wonderful journey. I have so many ideas for this business and I'm looking forward to adding more collections and other quality products to help you along with your Spiritual journey. I am also a Tarot Card Reader and I have a business called Shesgotgifts222 (check out my Facebook page @shesgotgifts222) that I started in June of 2021. Both businesses go hand in hand and I do have aspirations to make a Tarot Card Candle Collection and my own deck. The deck will be called "The Drake Deck" named after my pet/COO Drake. He will be featured on each card. So stay tuned!! We love you all and can't wait to see this thing through with the support of our amazing friends and family. 



 The COO Drake handles the overseeing of everything operational from labeling, to printing, to quality control of all cardboard boxes! Drake is 19lbs of love and fluff and enjoys long naps and belly rubs. Oh and cardboard box of all shapes and sizes!!! So if you every find a cat fur in your box we apologize in advance...